Cedar Crest Cabinetry - Remodeled Kitchen [ID: JH]

The closed-off space of the original kitchen required removing the existing rear kitchen wall. Plumbing for an upstairs bathroom was exposed during this process. A clever use of an archway both covered the pipes and helped define the transition between the new kitchen and space beyond. The completed kitchen features significantly more space, an open, airy brightness, and Cedar Crest see-through accent uppers with an angled peninsula design.

Remodeled Kitchen Details

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Breakfast bar detail

Stovetop detail

Bar and counter

Rear of kitchen

Bar detail

Bar and counter end

End glass-door cabinet

End glass-door cabinet

Microwave and wall oven detail

End pantry

Pantry detail

Pull-out trash receptacle

End cabinet detail

Over vent cabinet access

Under cooktop storage

Pot filler spigot

Corner drawers

Spice drawer with insert

End glass-door cabinet detail

End counter