Our Full Service Approach

Free Consultation and Site Evaluation

The first step is simply… contact us – whether by foot, phone, or email. Let us know what your remodel or update vision is and we will take it from there.

If needed, we will schedule a free in-home measurement by the owner or one of our skilled designers. Based on our experience and expertise, we may make recommendations that will expand and improve the usability, functionality, and efficiency of the end result. Depending on your project, we may "tape out" the new cabinet or island footprint to help you envision your newly designed space.

Initial Design

Once we have the measurements of your work area, your designer will create an initial design for your project. Within days, you will receive a set of renderings from multiple angles, giving you a very real sense of how the completed project will appear. Since your time is valuable, we strive to make these initial design renderings acceptable on the first pass or needing only minor "tweaks." Once approved, we require a 50% deposit to start production.

Sample rendering for a kitchen project.


Your deposit triggers our manufacturing scheduling process. The cabinetry design and all associated details are finalized - such as door styles, finish, and hardware. Our production department receives a Bill of Materials for your project with a detailed layout of each cabinet to be manufactured.

The manufacturing of your custom cabinets is done using a mix of both precision machines and hand-craftsmanship. Where appropriate, CNC milling machines shape wood components to very tight tolerances. The components are hand-assembled by skilled craftspersons using a Cedar Crest-proprietary glue formulation and screws – the most structurally sound and long-lasting assembly method available. All eco-friendly finishes are hand-applied and allowed to air dry, allowing us to achieve fine furniture finishes second to none.



Depending on your project, site work that must be completed ahead of the new cabinet installation(s) will be scheduled and completed. We will arrange for and schedule subcontractors including, but not limited to:

  • existing cabinet removal/disposal
  • flooring
  • structural remodeling
  • plumbing
  • electrical
  • heating
  • tiling

Your installation will be conducted by one of our skilled, professional installers. These installers take extraordinary care in the installation of your new cabinets. After the cabinetry is installed, final work will be performed by those subcontractors whose tasks can now be completed.

We will confirm with you that all project work fits with your schedule. You are not required to be involved in managing any subcontractors. Your designer is your single point-of-contact who will coordinate all aspects of your installation for you and keep you informed at all times with updated scheduling information.

Integrated Subcontractors

If you’ve considered buying cabinetry from a "box store" (or just other cabinetry suppliers) you may not realize how much effort is involved in coordinating all of the subcontractors associated with your project. That effort is time consuming, very stressful, and can take the enjoyment out of what should be an exciting project.

By contrast, Cedar Crest Cabinetry employs a roster of highly skilled subcontractors who are an integral part of our Full Service Approach. That means we handle every aspect of your project – from structural remodeling, countertop templates, plumbing, electrical, tile and flooring. We are your single point-of-contact and are responsible for every aspect of your project. We do the work; you reap the rewards.